I Met a Girl Last Night

I spent the day helping out this guy at work, which turned out much better than I would have expected. Of course it was through no help of his. He had been looking at Grand Prairie apartments for rent for a long time and then as soon as he found one he liked he started trying to talk me into helping him move in his new place. Of course I was pretty quick to tell him that he would have to pay me for my gas and my time. It is not like I want every person in the world to think that they can call on me for favors like this. It takes money to keep my truck moving and I do not want to throw my back out for random guys It is an easy thing for me to be the guy who says no to this sort of thing, since the guy is just some guy who works at the same place that I do.

However when I got done with this stuff there was a girl there. She asked me if I was willing to hire out my truck and myself. I smiled and said that it depended on what she wanted. Of course the guy from work realized that I was far more willing to help her than I had been to help him, but I told him that she was a lot prettier than he is. He did not have any ground on which to stand, so he tried to flirt with her instead. What she wanted was not that big of a deal, aside from the fact that there was an ex boyfriend involved. He was not as big as me and he looked as though he had spent less time in war zones too.